Who won the Super Bowl ad game? The spots that generated the most buzz across YouTube, social & search

This year’s Super Bowl saw over 40 brands pay more than $5 million dollars each for ad time during the big game.

There were the usual contenders like Budweiser, Pepsi and Kia; brands like Doritos and M&Ms that returned after taking a Super Bowl break; and debut advertisers like Pringles, Kraft and Intuit making their first-ever Super Bowl appearance.

What there hasn’t been since the close of the big game is a clear winner among the advertisers. Last year, Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way,” a spot that retold the immigration story of the brand’s founder, Adolphus Busch, was not only the most shared Super Bowl ad, but it ranked No. 1 in views on YouTube’s 2017 Super Bowl ad leaderboard.

This year, no single Super Bowl LII ad appears to have climbed to the top of everybody’s list the way Budweiser’s 2017 spot did. According to YouTube, the most popular Super Bowl ad was Amazon Alexa’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice.”

Unruly, the video analytics platform that formerly ranked Super Bowl spots by their social shares, says Toyota’s “Good Odds” ad was the most effective spot.

Merkle, a digital marketing agency, says Avocados from Mexico’s Super Bowl ad earned the highest scores across paid search, organic search and social based on its analytics. Salesforce also ranked Avocados from Mexico as the top Super Bowl brand with the most social mentions on game day; but Salesforce’s No. 2 brand on social was Pepsi, an advertiser that didn’t even make Merkle’s top 10. Here’s what Merkle wrote about their methodology and some of the top-ranking brands.

To sort out where this year’s lineup of top Super Bowl brands and ads rank now that the results are in, we reviewed multiple video analytic, social and search reports. Here is what we found.

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