Winter Olympics Google doodle gets Valentine’s Day treatment with two dancing grebes

Google is keeping its Winter Olympics doodle series in play today and has given it a Valentine’s Day treatment.

To mark today’s love-themed holiday, in combination with day six of the Winter Olympics, the doodle team designed an animated image of two figure-skating Grebes. The pair glides across a frozen pond in heart-shaped patterns, ending their routine wing-in-wing as the snow falls around them.

“Today’s couples figure skating competitors, the Grebes, show us just how powerful love can be,” writes Google on the Google Doodle Blog. “The two lovebirds have been skating together since they were chicks, but today they truly spread their wings.”

This is the sixth doodle in the Winter Olympic Games series that started last week on the first day of competitions. Google will be posting a new doodle every day of this year’s Winter Olympic Games and has created an archive for each of the doodles as it goes live in the US and across most of Google’s international home pages.

Same as all the doodles in the series, today’s doodle leads to a search for “Winter Olympics” and opens with music coordinated to the Grebes’ choreographed routine.

Here are all Winter Olympics doodles Google has posted so far:

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To create its Winter Olympics doodle series, Google has put together a team of 14, including an art staff, engineers and a sound designer. Once all 17 doodles have posted, Search Engine Land will do a recap to highlight the doodles we liked best.

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