WordStream Adds A Paid Search Landing Page Grader To Its Docket Of Free Tools

WordStream Landing Page Grader Summary

Bad landing pages can tank even the most beautifully constructed AdWords campaign. For many small businesses, the prospect of tackling landing page optimization on top of managing bids, keywords and ad copy can be daunting. To help marketers gauge the performance of their landing pages, WordStream, a paid search management platform for SMBs, launched a free AdWords Landing Page Grader.

The tool is designed to give site owners benchmarks on how their landing pages stack up against others in their industry with similar ad spend.

Like the company’s AdWords Performance Grader, the Landing Page Grader uses OAuth to establish a one-time, secure connection to the user’s AdWords account. Users need to identify the industry of the business for the benchmarking to be relevant.

The tool analyzes the landing pages actively used in the account and provides a performance report on factors including conversion rate, keyword relevance, mobile optimization and best practice landing page elements. Metrics are shown alongside industry benchmarks to provide insights on whether a conversion rate, for example, is actually any good.

Wordstream Landing Page Grader

The Landing Page Grader isn’t meant to be a replacement for landing page testing services, but it’s a free tool that can offer a sense of how well your account’s landing pages stack up against the competition and provides a basic road map of areas to focus on for improvement. The price for your free report is lead generation, so don’t be surprised if WordStream follows up with you in some fashion.