World Cup 2014 Google Logo: Day 5 Goes To The Fans

World Cup #12 Google logo

Today’s Google logo is another to celebrate the FIFA 2014 World Cup. It is the fifth in a series of World Cup logos Google has posted since the first one last week to mark the tournament’s kick-off.

“The football/soccer craze is making waves for…just about everyone,” writes Google on its Google Doodle website to explain the animated illustration that includes letters as World Cup fans, all doing the wave, except the “l” in Google. He (or she?) apparently is more  of a book reader.

With nearly a month to go until the World Cup’s final matches, the Google Doodle team has their work cut out for them if the plan is to post a new logo each day of the tournament.

After the Father’s Day themed World Cup logo Google posted yesterday, I can’t help but wonder what a July 4th Google Doodle would look like with a World Cup treatment.