Yahoo Search Testing Google Powered Search Results


Aaron Wall has captured Yahoo Search testing Google powered search results.

Currently, Yahoo Search is powered by Bing, has been for the past several years. But when Yahoo renegotiated the deal this past April, they opened up the possibility to try other search partners.

Yahoo increased the flexibility on desktop search. Under the new deal, 51% of its desktop search traffic has to carry Bing ads. The rest can carry ads however Yahoo likes — either from its own Gemini system or other partners.

It may be that Yahoo has worked out other non-exclusive deals with Google or perhaps they are testing such a deal in the wild.

Here are screen shots from Aaron showing Google powered Yahoo Search results:


Here is a picture of the typical Bing powered Yahoo Search results:


The differences are subtle between the two sets of results. Aaron documented them well:


We have sent Yahoo a request to hear more details about this test.

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