Yahoo Test Removes Display URLs On Select Text Ads

Yahoo ad test not showing display url, source Brandverity

Yahoo appears to be running a new test on search ads in which the display URL isn’t displayed in the ads. What’s interesting, though, is that the display URLs aren’t removed on all the ads within a SERP — some ads do have a display URL showing.

Above is a screenshot captured by paid search brand monitoring firm, BrandVerity, which spotted the test.

Notice that the three highlighted ads have no display URL showing below the ad headline. But there are display URLs in the ads for Orvis and Amazon. Typically we see search engines testing all or nothing in a SERP.

I haven’t been able to replicate this experience. Jennie Scholick from BrandVerity says they have managed to replicate it manually, but not consistently, on brand searches for QVC, Gamehouse,,, and J. Crew.

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