Yahoo Updates Search Experience For Firefox Users On Desktop


Yahoo has tweaked its search results display with changes that are exclusively available to Firefox users searching on the desktop.

The changes make video and image results more visible, and the changes are readily apparent on entertainment and celebrity searches. Comparing the regular results below (first image) with the new display (second image), you see the carousel-style display of photos and videos related to the current film, Spectre.



In addition to the image and video results, Yahoo says it’ll show

  • music purchase links sending searchers to Apple’s iTunes Music Store.
  • business and location reviews and information from Yelp and TripAdvisor.
  • sports statistics and videos from Yahoo Sports.
  • personal photos from Flickr in image search results (if the searcher has a Flickr account and is signed in).

This is rolling today to desktop Firefox users on Windows, Mac and Linux in the US. You’ll see the new display by using the “Awesome” (search) bar in the Firefox browser.

Yahoo tells Search Engine Land this search experience will eventually make its way to other browsers, too.

Yahoo and Mozilla signed a deal a year ago this month making Yahoo the default search provider for the Firefox web browser.

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