After thorough keyword research, Elect Media will compile a hand-picked list of the most relevant keywords, and their search volume, for each page of your site. Will we combine these new keywords with the most valuable keywords as determined by your site’s analytics and present them to you in a master document. As a full-service SEO client, you have the final say in which 2-5 keywords we target on each page of your website.

Elect Media will offer white hat SEO recommendations on what we believe, based on research and experience, to be the best keywords for your site but the final keyword selection is up to you. These keywords will eventually be incorporated into the content of your website and will also serve as the anchor text for future off-site link building.

As a white hat SEO firm, Elect Media is committed to helping you uncover the most relevant and useful keywords for your site. We will never recommend that you choose off-topic keywords in your keyword selection simply because they have a high search volume.

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