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You need customers in order to make money, in order to get customers online you need to drive qualified leads to your website…..OK how do I do that may be the questions that now comes to mind. Our cloud SEO campaign allows you to leverage the best social marketing with the easiest process.

Cloud SEO – How Does It Work

Content is what drives the internet, users, and interest, so this is the primary focus of our cloud seo campaigns. Either you or we can provide the content relevant to your product/service and from there we publish this content to a blog we create for you (included in the price), the content is then search engine optimized by us, and after we do our on site seo magic we push this content to over 40+ social networks. By pushing your content to social networks we expose it to the customers that are talking, searching, and looking to buy your products/services. These people start to share and link back to your blog, website, and social accounts, and so the ball of SEO magic begins. The more good content you put out in the cloud, the more users can find it, find your website, your products, and become your next new customer. The best part about this is that it is one of the safest ways to drive traffic to your website without the risk of getting penalized by Google and other search engines because all this activity happens in “the cloud” on trusted third party social platforms. You can start you social marketing campaign today with the included build out of your publishing blog for only $70 a month. We have much more advance SEO plans but this is a way for you to start with little cost and drive traffic to your site while becoming comfortable with our company.

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Why Its Important

Google is constantly changing and updating is search algorithm (this is what determines who is seen in search results), and the more they update and change, the harder it is for some SEO firms to manipulate the outcomes. Elect Media doesn’t go against the grain, we give Google what they want, and 1 of the biggest factors Google looks at to help site gain trust and ranking is social activity. This is logical because Google figures if real people are constantly talking about your product or service then it must be relevant. More than this, even if your not trying to rank, you can drive new customers to your website the same way. This really is the secret sauce to SEO, back links and the likes become by-products of legitimate content driven online marketing through different mediums of distribution. If you built a stunning website and wonder why you don’t have any leads being generated through it, well you need to send them there!! Let us take that part of your business to the next level. We have opened up this new SEO package to allow entry level small business and mid size business begin to generate some income for their business before they move into a more advance SEO campaign.