November 20, 2013

Google’s Yellow “Ad” Icons Test Appears To Be Expanding

It appears Google has been rapidly expanding their new yellow ad label found on their search ads over the past week. Google began testing these yellow ad labels on mobile search and then expanded the test to the UK and beyond. Now, it seems as if we are receiving two to three emails per day […]
July 16, 2013

New Google Maps Now Open To All, No Invite Needed

Google has opened up the new version of Google Maps to anyone who wants to give it a try — no invite is needed. The company shared the news via Twitter this afternoon. First announced at the Google I/O conference in May, the new Google Maps was initially available only to a select group of [...]
July 16, 2013

Back-To-School PLA Advertisers: Heed New Google Shopping Feed Requirements

This is important for all merchants running Google product listing ads to note, but the timing makes it particularly key for advertisers running back-to-school or summer blow-out promotions. As we previously reported, Google announced new specifications for Google Shopping product feeds. The key change was the addition of the unique product identifier (UPI) for custom [...]
July 16, 2013

Google Study: Mobile PPC Ads Also Do Not Cannibalize Organic Traffic

Google released a new study as part of its series of analysis aimed at answering the perpetual question of whether PPC ads cannibalize organic traffic. You know the question: “If I’m already ranking, why should I pay for ads if they are just going to steal free clicks from my organic listings?”  This time, Google’s [...]