June 17, 2013

Google Knowledge Graph Carousel Sightings Becoming More Frequent Within A Wider Variety Of Searches

While the Google Knowledge Graph Carousel was launched nearly a year ago, more reports are confirming Carousel image displays appearing more often and for a wider variety of categories in SERPs. The Carousel display shows results in an image-focused fashion, listed horizontally at the top of the SERP. The new reports show an updated design, [...]
June 17, 2013

Google’s Mobile “Quick View” Trial Appears To Be Over

Google appears to have quietly put an end to a long-running trial that added a “quick view” option next to mobile (smartphone only) search results from select websites. The feature offered searchers a fast way to see a lightweight version of a webpage without having to fully click through and load the page. We first [...]
June 16, 2013

Google’s Father’s Day Logo

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Google has a special Google logo, aka Doodle, for the day. It is an interactive slot-machine type of Doodle that matches up the diverse set of fathers around the world. Here is a video of the logo: Here is a static ...
June 14, 2013

Google Authorship Beyond Webpages

In last month’s post about authorship, I shared that Google has been experimenting with inferring authorship for PDF documents in addition to webpages. This piqued my curiosity to see if any other indexable filetypes could also have inferred authorship. Microsoft Office Files PowerPoint files appear to infer authorship similar to PDFs and webpages, looking for [...]