�New Course: Bombproof Web Design

What You’ll Learn

Are your websites bombproof? Today’s Internet is a minefield of technology mixing and matching, where a single website can be viewed in hundreds of different ways. If you’re not prepared, your sites just might explode!

Bombproof Web Design will teach you the keys to creating websites your visitors will love no matter how they access the internet.

Site shown at actual display size for WebBrowser app on Sony Smartwatch 2
Demo site shown at actual display size for WebBrowser app on Sony Smartwatch 2

Our expert instructor, Kezz Bracey will walk you through…

  • How to assess your users and the way they’ll likely access your content. 
  • How to work out which web features and technologies you should support.
  • How to guarantee compatibility for various devices, displays, browsers and input mechanisms.
  • How to properly consider accessibility.
  • How to test your websites to be sure of #bombproofwebdesign.
comprehensive source files
All lessons include comprehensive exercise files

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Still Unsure?

If you still convincing that your websites should be bombproof, take a look at the accompanying tutorial 7 Ways You Might Not Know Your Sites Are Exploding. You’ll soon realise that it’s better to be safe than sorry!