17 Macaw Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Memorize

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Macaw Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a vital part of becoming proficient in using any application, and Macaw is no exception. Let’s go through some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts Macaw has on offer. I’ve listed my favorites here for the sake of ease, but take a look at the video to see them in action. During the screencast we’ll also talk about element origins, alignment and positioning.

  • Alt-Command-C: copy visual properties
  • Alt-Command-V: paste visual properties
  • Command-D: duplicate element
  • Command-R: takes the cursor to the class naming text field
  • Command-G: group elements
  • Shift-Command-G: ungroup elements
  • Command-E: expand element to parent’s width
  • Command-3: hide element
  • Alt-Command-3: show (unhide) element
  • Command-2: lock element
  • Alt-Command-2: unlock element
  • Arrow-keys: nudge 1px
  • Shift-Arrow keys: nudge 10px
  • Command-Arrows keys: nudge to grid system
  • Alt-Arrow keys: pudge (increase element’s size) 1px
  • Shift-Alt-Arrow keys: pudge 10px
  • Command-Alt-Arrows keys: pudge to grid system

Download video.

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