Above the fold: the key to effective web design

Like a lot of businesses in Albuquerque who have been taking advantage of the explosion computer communications over the last thirty years, you may be wanting to get your company on the Internet so that you can be competitive while offering a conduit for your customers to reach you conveniently. Well, if you look at a lot of your competition, especially the smaller companies, but sometimes the larger ones as well, you may be wondering if they really had their customers in mind when they designed their sites. The problem boils down to poor design, and as an Albuquerque web design company, we can help.


It’s not that people don’t want to present a well-designed site to their customers. The problem is that too many people don’t realize the understanding it takes to create a page that grabs a user while still making it easy for him or her to use effectively. And one of the biggest areas where first time designers fail is to forget that when that page first loads into a browser, that’s your customer’s first impression.


This is a concept that comes from the newspaper industry called “above the fold”, which means to put the most useful and eye-catching elements of your page up on the top where it can be seen. The Web version of this is to put the most important content in the part of the page that first loads into the browser. If your site visitor has to scroll down to see what’s important, it may be too late. Like the newspaper customer who fails to see anything interesting in the part of the paper that displays in the box and moves on, your potential customer may decide to click away from your site and visit your competitors. This is why you need an experienced designer to help you make those content and layout decisions and we are one of the top providers of web design Albuquerque has to offer.


There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what to put in the above the fold section of your page. You will certainly want a company logo and a brief description of what you do. But that’s also a great place to put snippets of the latest news or blog posts that the user can click on for more reading. A slide show of the various phases of your company’s operations can also be an attractive element to keep your user’s attention while providing valuable information.


There are no hard and fast rules. Your designer will go over your needs with you in order to ascertain exactly which options would be the best for your particular situation and from there a high-quality design can be implemented. But what’s great about our designers is that we are not just experts on we design, but we have some of the best experts in New Mexico Search Engine Optimization. If your company’s site is in need of the best web design and SEO Albuquerque has to offer, you can trust us to get you started with a striking and informative Web site without breaking the bank.