Free WordPress Video Training

We have posted 30 videos of free WordPress video training, if you have a WordPress blog, or have wanted to get one started hosting on your own servers, or even just need to learn how to use one you already have then this is for you. We have 30 videos going through everything. Installing WordPress with cpanel, manual install, uploading, changing permalinks, posting, making new pages, adding plugins, updating and backing up your blog, the list goes on and on! Check out the page now at We will also be posting more free training in the areas of SEO and Web Design, if you have content that you would specifically like to see, shoot me an email at

Whats Coming Next?

Podcasts, webinars, and video training in regards to search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques to help your business soar in the ever-changing marketing atmosphere.

Until next time Peace and positive energy

-Uzzeyel KhuELenne