Making the web design fit your concept

Anytime you start developing a site for a new or existing company, it is very important to plan ahead and establish an overall design concept that will convey what your company is all about. Of course any web design Albuquerque companies employ will express the unique southwestern culture of the area, but beyond that you need to focus on what the visitors of your site expect to experience and get from your business. But you don’t want to leave your site design to chance. Here are a few things an experienced Albuquerque web design professional can help you work on:


Establish the appropriate tone


The first thing you want to watch out for is that you don’t fall into the trap of using cookie cutter web design tools to present your public face to your customers. These web templates are great for amateurs who want to get started quickly on a blog or personal Web site, but the impression you make will have an impact on your ability to gain and keep customers. For example, if your company is a bank or other financial institution, you want to convey stability, class and a conservative tone. You want customers to feel safe leaving their money with you. On the other hand, if you are a clothing store for young women, you want to appear hip and trendy and that shopping with you will be fun and “cool”. Image is everything, and your web site is all part of your promotion package.


Choose a metaphor


Often the best way to make people feel comfortable browsing your site and to ensure that they get a full understanding of what your site and company are about is to choose a familiar concept from outside the world of the Web. For example, a restaurant may want to design a site that resembles the experience of physically going to one of your locations. The home page may have an arrangement of “tables” where you click to access various sections of the site. From there, you may read a “menu” of all the different foods or services that are available.


In fact, the metaphor does not even necessarily have to relate to your business as long as it is a familiar one that people will understand how to use.


Colors make a difference


Another area where a professional designer comes in very handy is in the selection of colors for your site. This can relate to the metaphor you have chosen as well as the tone you want to set for your site. Colors play a big part in “coloring” a user’s impression of your site and, in turn, your company. You can use grays, blacks and greens to establish a more traditional professional tone, or lively earth colors for a more fun type of impression. But you always want to choose colors that are easy to see and do not clash with each other.


Keep it simple


Above all, you want to make sure you do not load down your page with unnecessary pictures, links and any other widgets or content that can be distracting to your user. Yes, you want an interesting variety of things to look at and do, but you do not want to overwhelm the customer or make it hard to find the things he or she is really interested in. This is a sure sign of an amateur designer and one of the areas where a professional web designer is most valuable.


So for professional web design and New Mexico Search Engine Optimization (in fact, some of the most effective SEO Albuquerque has to offer), let us give your company’s site the attention it needs to stand out from the crowd and make the impression that keeps your customers coming back.