Tips from Albuquerque Web Design Company – Usability is king

No matter how pretty your new company web site is, if people have a hard time using it, they are just going to click out and go somewhere else. Internet users are impatient and you only have a few seconds to hook them before you lose them. Then you may never get them back again. Because we are experts in the web design Albuquerque businesses have come to trust, here are a few reasons why you need to let us help you craft a site that is responsive to the needs of your customers and employees.


Ease of navigation

One of the most important aspects of usability for any site is how well users can get around on your web pages. It does you no good to have beautifully designed pages that incorporate the most effective SEO Albuquerque has ever seen if people have no reasonable way of getting from one page to another.


The first step to accomplishing ease of navigation is to employ consistent site menus across all your pages. That way users will always know how to get back to the home page and to another major portals within your site.


Another often overlooked feature is to have navigation options at the bottom of your pages so that when people scroll down a long page, they don’t have to make the extra step of going all the way back to the top menu to move ahead. And if you have a really long page, you should consider including navigation links periodically throughout the page. It may seem like a minor inconvenience to have to jump back to the top of the page to use the menu, but people who surf the Web are used to being able to click through from where they are, and even that much of an inconvenience can drive your customers away.


Avoid eyesores


Probably the worst thing you can do when designing your site is to include cheap, flashy web elements that add little to your page other than to draw attention to themselves. The trashy days of 1990s Internet are over, and the one thing new Web masters must learn is that, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. This means no dancing aliens, no flashing text, and no trail of sparkles that follow the mouse pointer around. That is, unless you want to drive away your customers in a hurry.


Follow conventions


Finally, as much as possible you should generally follow Web conventions when you design your site. If you can avoid it, don’t change the default colors for links that have or have not been clicked on. Or if you do, choose colors that make sense for these features and use them consistently throughout your site. Make links to pages on other Web sites open in a new browser tab so that people can stay on your site if they want to. The point is to follow the conventions so that your visitors are not confused about how to use your site.


You don’t have to worry about all of this, though, because we can offer any business in Albuquerque web design services that handle all of these considerations as well as providing companies throughout New Mexico Search Engine Optimization that will keep your page ranks as high as possible in search engine results. Contact us to find out how we can help you.