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On-site content optimization is the first time Elect Media will make recommendations on how your actual site should be altered for better SEO.

Elect Media will take the previously selected and approved keywords and naturally incorporate them into the existing content on each page of your website. These content recommendations are intended to make your site more “search engine friendly” without sacrificing the overall usability and user-experience of your site. There is no “magic number” of times a keyword has to appear in your content in order to rank well in the search engines and as a white hat SEO company Elect Media does not advocate keyword stuffing under any circumstances.

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We firmly believe that SEO should never outweigh the importance of writing content for a human reader. At the end of the day it is people who are doing business with your website, not the search engines. While we will provide content optimization recommendations designed to make your site more valuable to the search engines, we will never forget about your target audience.

Prior to actual implementation, Elect Media will submit a master document to your company outlining our website content analysis and subsequent content recommendations. We will not only tell you what changes you should make to your website content, but also why they are important for your SEO and long term success of your website. Full-service SEO clients are free to ask any and all questions about the content optimization process and we will not implement any of our content recommendations without your full approval.

Elect Media will not adjust the content of your website in any other way other than to naturally incorporate selected keywords. Elect Media ensures your content will be well optimized to include a good mix of broad, long-tail, branded and non-branded keywords as they make sense on each page of content. We will target 2-5 related keywords per page.

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