Elect Media Internet Marketing

Elect Media is a team of Internet Marketing Magicians. We are the Question & the Answer,
showing companies the path to Elevated business growth using Unique formulas.

How We Started

Elect Media was started by the KhuELenne Tribe to provide a solution for small to mid size businesses to compete in competitive markets with pricing based on the scope of work. It's been over 10 years since we acquired our first customer & a bunch has changed. We now serve 4 major markets in Albuquerque, NM, Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Chattanooga, TN, & every city in between. We've become a completely digital/virtual office based company due to the continued petition from small businesses asking us to extend our service capabilities to fit smaller budgets. So without the overhead of office expenses we've been able to completely renovate the way we do business. This has greatly improved workflow among employees through structured but flexible task scheduling. From our content writers, marketing engineers, customer support, & social media analyst; everyone has increased productivity due to a healthy work/life balance. The biggest measurable difference for customers is our ability to provide extremely competitive pricing options for start up, new or small businesses, or those looking to start on an incremental budget. This means even newly starting business can now compete in local service niches & dominate with the same multi-million dollar strategies & technology behind them.

The Question & The Answer

We are true Online Marketing magicians, we make our customers appear in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) automagically through tested strategies, processes, & secret sauce. This usually has competitors asking the question what happened, & has new customers saying how is that possible? Well, the equation to solve both is the same; Elect Media Internet Marketing, we are the question & the answer. Our focus is to completely saturate the market for our customers, for this reason we offer exclusivity for our customers in their target market. So if you are a barber competing in a specific city, it'll be you that elevates online. Be first in reaching out to us to start on the path to elevating your business.

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